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What you dislike about you might be your selling point for others.Today I was having a chat with a few acquaintances and somehow we went to the topic of our size. Typically, I’ve always been a very slim (in fact thin😂) and tiny person and to be honest I’ve never really loved it because I used to have the mentality that bigger is better.

Or more attractive, as the case may be.

Let’s just say that for a while, I had problems with accepting myself; until lately. I’m still a bit insecure but I’ve realized what the world has to say doesn’t matter. Nothing is ever enough for the world.

Story of all our lives.

Anyway, during the little chit-chat, there were four of us. Two were relatively big and one was medium sized while I was the tiny one in the group. The two big ones said they admire my stature and size and wish they could lose a little weight and come close to being my size. I was more than surprised because these girls aren’t so big.

Just big where they needed to be.

I actually find their size very attractive but they were saying they want to be like me? I had to tell them that I actually wish I could get as big as they are and that I think they’re absolutely beautiful the way they are. The conversation ended abruptly but I know I learnt a lot from those few minutes.

You might look in the mirror and don’t see what you think the world will accept. You don’t love the reflection you get. You wanna see someone else but ironically, someone with the attributes you want will look into a mirror and want to see your own qualities. As twisted as this is, it’s what society and our own insecurities subject us to. We’re all constantly wanting to impress, constantly wanting to be accepted, wanting to be beautiful and wanting to change for the better. Even narcissists and egocentrics sometimes are the way they are because deep down they’re also insecure about what the society has to say so they do everything they can to ensure they’re in the limelight where any form of criticism is seen as ‘hating’ and/or jealousy. Some are just scared that if they care what other’s think, it’ll hurt, so they choose not to.

I’m not saying you should stop trying to work on yourself and be better because, honestly, there are times we need to care what others think. There is constructive criticism after all. Some people mean the best when they express discontent so not listening to the would be a loss on your part.

You need to start loving yourself and your qualities. That can’t happen without acceptance first.

Self acceptance is the first step to loving yourself and loving yourself is the first step to happiness.

After acceptance, comes learning to listen to what others think but not let it dictate for you. Comparing the opinions of others to yours let’s you decide what is best for you regardless of what people have to say. You’ll be able to tell those that genuinely mean well and those that are just body shaming. Opinions and perspectives are everything but one thing remains certain – We’re all beautiful.

You’re beautiful.

Especially with your flaws.

You have a scar/scars? You’re beautiful!

You’re plus sized? You’re beautiful😍!

Extremely slim? You’re beautiful!

Cross eyed? You are beautiful!

Bow legged? You’re drop dead gorgeous!

Freckles? You’re gorgeous!

Vitiligo? You’re breathtaking!

Down syndrome? You’re an embodiment of blessing!

Black (light or dark skin)? You’re dripping black gold baby.

Whatever that thing that is making you insecure is, let it go. You can’t forget about it; its a part of you. But you need to embrace it. Accepting it gives you the strength to take people’s opinions of it. You definitely need that because people will always have opinions whether or not you ask for it.

Remember, my imperfections are perfect


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖


    I’ll listen to what others think of me but I won’t let it decide for me, that’s what we tell ourselves, it’s not that easy tho😞

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