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THERE’S ALWAYS ENOUGH TO LIVE NOW: Living before you leave

Pun intended. A lot of us don’t live. Eventually, you’ll have to leave. Make the best out of your time and live.Living life

We’re all afraid of death. We’re all scared of leaving this life but we’re also scared of living this life. There’s a popular quote that I believe everyone knows. It goes:

You have just one life to live.

If we all know this, its amazing that we don’t live. We all let fear hold us down; whatever that fear might be. It could be the fear of losing your life at the end. Its mostly even the Atychiphobia(fear of failure) like I have. At times it’s the fear that what you want to do might not be accepted by everyone else which I know is also a fear I battle with everyday. People like me fear what others close to us might think. We even fear the say of critics who know nothing about us and we know nothing about too but we need to realize we can’t please everyone.

We’re usually too caught up in doing what the world thinks is right and we forget that if Person A thinks something is right, Person B won’t. Remember they say:

One man’s meat is another’s poison. One man’s gold is another man’s trash.

I’ve never seen better emphasis on this quote than Jeff Shinabarger‘s book titled More or Less. In this book, Jeff also gives an eye opener to a quote of Rich Dad Poor Dad‘s author Robert Kiyosaki which goes:

A man isn’t poor because he lacks a handset but because he lacks the right mindset.

Jeff shows us in his book that we always have enough to live a perfect life. And even the things you might see as useless and pointless in your house might be just what someone else has been looking for. In the book they play a game called ‘Tradio’ and in this game, if you keep going, a toothpick might as well become a TV set. Or even a house! I would love to go on and on about the book More or Less but I suggest you get it instead. It is also available as an E-book just in case you don’t want the hustle and bustle of carrying a physical book around. And I also think as an E-book its easier to share. Don’t forget to visit

That said, I believe we’ve all realized that pleasing someone will always lead to offending someone else. We can never have everyone’s consent so you decide who you want to please. Do you want to keep trying to please people who never see you struggle or you’re going to start working to please yourself. Don’t let a little stumble get in your way.

Make your decisions and don’t let anyone bend your morals. You’re going to have everything you believe in challenged but you’re going to have to keep pushing for them.

Everyone dies

We have limited time. Remember its just one life. And don’t let your disabilities and flaws stop you. God didn’t place you on this earth with your flaws if they were going to hinder you. You might have to push harder and work more but your flaws can not stop you. Instead those flaws are going to be the reason your success story will be so great and beautiful.

Don’t forget to walk and work in line with the will of God because Jesus really is coming back. When he returns, you won’t be able to use your strive for success as an excuse as to why you sinned. We all want a success story. We all want to live our life to the fullest but it doesn’t mean we can deviate from the will of God.

Desires and dreams aren’t ungodly until they are achieved through ungodly means.

We really shouldn’t give up divine and eternal joy just for worldly pleasures. Worldly pleasures will come and go but the joy of the Lord is eternal. God bless you as you work a little harder today.


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8 thoughts on “THERE’S ALWAYS ENOUGH TO LIVE NOW: Living before you leave

  1. Dope dope dope dope dope.
    One thing I know about people who give immeasurable wealth (of knowledge) to peopleis that they get immeasurable wealth (I’m knowledge and in kind) from unexpected sources.
    Keep up the good work and God bless you richly and abundantly.

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