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HAVING PATIENCE: Wait till night time

We all expect immediate results. Those are the best right? Maybe not. Find out here.

Patience. It goes a really long way.

I know sometimes it feels like we’ve done everything we can and so it’s time to start seeing results but we often forget to do one last thing. We forget to watch and wait. Things aren’t going to fall in place immediately but they will eventually. When you know you’ve done all the right things at the right time for the right cause then you can be rest assured you’ll get a reward and a place high above to shine with the stars.

I’m not saying you should just sit around all day and wait for a harvest when you haven’t even tilled the ground let alone planted seeds. If you’re expecting output, then that means you’ve put in a reasonable quantity of input too. Hard work and smart work is needed before rewards. We’re all aiming for success but very few would actually put in work for it. We all wanna get up there and shine but aren’t willing to actually climb the ladder. YES! There’s a ladder to get up there and its an excruciatingly painful climb. Worst of all is that most times we don’t know what the challenges will be. We walk on a road without knowing what’s lurking around. But it’s necessary if we wanna get to our destination.

Once we can make it through the obstacles, once we can endure the pain we face while climbing then we’re entitled to say we’re expecting results. Once we’re up the ladder then we expect to start shining but sometimes there’s another test; The test of patience. I once saw a quote that goes:

Patience isn’t waiting, but the attitude we have while we wait.

While waiting, we should remain optimistic. Being cranky and pessimistic about the situation won’t help. You’ll also have a lot of people that’ll question your competence and the work you’ve done but don’t worry, true friends would support you before, during and after your success. People who do otherwise aren’t real friends.

In conclusion don’t feel down if things don’t fully work out. Like entrepreneurs, we’re all taking risks. We put in effort into things when we’re not certain if they’ll work out. Stay positive and don’t let anyone drag you down the ladder you struggled to climb. Every star shines differently so know your shine and keep it alive.


Be LIKE THE STARS and wait till night time.


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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