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Not equality. Not equity. Not liberty.

Feminism, the fight for equality, equity, liberty and much more are all the rave in the world we live in today but isn’t there a chance that all these are aimless?

The Lord Jesus Christ came to the world and took the 10 commandments given to Moses in the old testament and summarised them, making them 2.

Love the Lord your God;

Love your neighbour as yourself.

He said, in Matt 22: 37-40 love for God and for those around us are the greatest commandments that we’re to hang on to. The Lord knew that when we love God and love all those around us, we would neither rules nor incentives to do what’s right. When you love God, then you’d definitely want to live for him and the things that are of him. There’d be the urge to do right to his creations. Aside this, you crave to be like him. He’s compassionate, merciful and has encompassing love for all hence, you want to be too. Also, loving those around us as much as we love ourselves means we do to others only what we do to ourselves. Treating those around us as nicely as we would ourselves. Knowing something is uncomfortable and therefore refusing to let such happen to others. This is humanity. Humanity is sympathetic; It’s understanding, tolerating, compassionate. Amazingly, humanity is what makes us God-like. Humanity is the one thing that can keep us alive even in anarchy because every law is centred around humanity. Every law requires that we only treat others the way we would like to be treated.

Unfortunately, it is not to be forgotten that we’re also animal. What separates us and animals is not that we’re smarter, it’s that we’re human, with souls and faith. In a fit for survival we stray sometimes. Animalistic survival instincts gnaw at us. We’re subject to the food chain and I can tell you that nobody likes to be at the bottom of the food chain. So we fight. Willing to get to the top at all cost not minding whether or not others are affected. We need laws to remind us how to be human but by this instinct to fight, we break those laws. That’s what leads to crime and law breaking. It leads to devastation. It leads to war. It must not be forgotten, however, that war is an essential part of life. There is no peace without conflict. Conflict is the means by which views are expressed. One might be doing to another what seems right to oneself but in actuality, the other is being irritated. There, conflict of views start and in a case where one or both parties are stubborn, it might even escalate to a physical brawl. People pick sides and before you know it, there’s a full community war, soon enough, a world war. As funny as it seems, it’s how our world works. The good part about these conflicts though, is that we learn from them. The first realises that the second doesn’t share his/her view and they can reach a compromise.

It is therefore understandable why all others can not come before humanity. The animal part of us has to be let go of before anything else can be fought for to make the society better.


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖


  1. Coming from the mind of a teen makes wonder how much they know about the growing world around us all. However I’m impressed and saying keep this up your reward awaits just round the bend. God bless you and keep your marvelous light shining always.

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  2. Wonderful write up.

    Very true

    Humanity makes us God-like and am very sure God does not want to be found at the bottom……so the struggle for being the best starts (conflict)….

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  3. Wonderful write up.

    Very true

    Humanity makes us God-like and am very sure God does not want to be found at the bottom……so the struggle for being the best starts (conflict)….


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