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Are you vocal? It’s important that everyone is. Find out why here.You have those weird questions concerning socialising and all related things don’t you? You have to meet up with a few people and have no idea what kind of conversations to initiate or you’ll be having. It might even be that you simply want to slide into that girl’s DMs so that one day you’ll be able to use #WeMetOnTwitter too. Or you might just want to know how to put input that would be appreciated into a conversation.

This is where I would say I have all the answers right here. Well, to be honest, there are no straight forward answers or solutions to these and so I don’t have the answers…but..Don’t be disappointed, there are variations to the answers based on various perspectives. On the blog, we’ll look at perspectives of different people. Rather than having just me pouring out what works for me which might not work for you, I’ll base my posts off of all of your valuable shared perspectives and/or experiences. This way, everyone has a say in the information on the blog making everyone truly Vocal.

Brownie_Vocal isn’t the only one who can be Vocal. In fact, I don’t think I’m the only one who should be vocal, hence, the birth of this blog. I’m giving you a chance to help someone by sharing your thoughts and perspectives right here.

This right here is my vision for all present/future vocals.

Even your questions are helpful because some people might have the same questions but it either skipped their mind or they’re too shy. For those that prefer to reach out privately can visit here. I’ll make sure senders of all messages/questions sent privately are kept anonymous unless you request otherwise.

Having grown up being ostracised for thinking different from most people, I learnt to shut my mouth and let everything slide. There’s so much about me that we’ll learn eventually but for now, this is all there is.

Over time, I realised that shutting my mouth wasn’t helping me, especially since I live in Lagos and everyone knows Lagosians would want to take you for granted if they think you let everything slide and you don’t have a side to you that’s as insane as they are. They think they’re only ones with heads as thick as pap that has gotten cold. Eventually, I had to learn to switch from fluid to solid in an instant even though I’m still not very good at it yet.

Raised eyebrow meme
Which is honestly why I’m amassing all of you.

I know you’re probably like me or you have your own share of wéré(which bestows you the title of SENSEI on here because we fluids would love to learn from you). Either way, you’re an important part of this blog and its operations and your presence here amongst us is highly appreciated.

Become Vocal today by following the blog.✊🏼


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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