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Be honest. Are you?Top of the morning to y’all. Or whatever time network gets this posted, or whatever time you get to see it.

I’m really flexible about that.

All I know is, it’s another day and so another chance for us to put our backs into whatever we do…or just leave your back on the bed which is what I’d really prefer.

Not getting what you want
But life just doesn’t let us have that, does it?

We all love to chill and flex and whatever else you call having fun(at least I do)but we all also know that’s impossible if we don’t put some effort into something first. At our age, sometimes, more often than not, life makes us work to get whatever it is that makes us fulfilled and we know that. Actually, it’s at all ages sev.

Some of you have mastered the art of lying to your parents as a form of hustling since you saw the first light.

What an enlightened generation we are, and that’s great. Sadly, with that enlightenment comes great burdens and responsibilities. Burdens we’d rather not carry.

Our generation has been called laid back, lazy, decadent and sometimes, actually, a lot of times, this is right. Yet, for the ones that know what they want from life, people in this generation work their butts off. The ‘hustle’ is the way for us. Whatever the hustle might be, those who are willing are ready to give it all. I know people my age who juggle 3 jobs, are employed but are being entrepreneurs on the side, who already make money off investments and/or the internet, put their talents to use, render various services and still manage to get good grades at school. Regardless of what it might be, I think it’s safe to say the hustle reigns supreme. We go the extra mile to ensure that we get what we want from life and get a little extra too.

Imagine putting in all that effort and this life will not give you small jara on top.

Our generation tries so hard. Very hard. Most of the time, it’s for all the wrong reasons. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not here to list out a bunch of things that I think would be the best reasons for you to work. Nah. I know you have your reasons and I totally respect that so I won’t tell you to stop hustling just so you can impress society…

…Even though we both know you should.

Today, I’m telling you to look inside you. What is your reason for the work you do? Most times, we all have multiple reasons and that’s where weighing comes into play. Are you hustling for that new Samsung Galaxy Fold/iPhone XS Max(maddd phones btw) or so you can get more cats?

We both know we’re not talking about these cats but this is your face right now anyway because you’re being a hypocrite.

Anyways, if you thought about it and the Samsung outweighs the latter, well I think it’s time you made your left hand your right hand man coupled with the biggest bottle of lotion you can find…

Minding my business
I heard y’all use soap too now… no big deal

…and start saving up instead.

I recommend CowryWise like I use for saving and even investing. Worked wonders and is still working wonders in my life.

There’s a bunch of other reasons you could be working and they’re all legit. Trust me. Anything that can get you off your lazy ass deserves all the praise. All I’m saying is, learn to find your right one. Your main.

Yes. I said it. Some of your goals are mere side chicks.

It could be you have big plans for the future, or you’re really just a person of the present; in which case, that’s totally cool too. It’s really not up to me. You. It’s up to you.

Remember, right or wrong will differ from person to person. Be the measure.

Homo Mensura.

I’ll conclude by saying you are not only the measure, but you’re the ‘rightest’ reason there is for working and that’s manifested in the form of fulfilment. So, I’m telling you, start this week with fulfilment as your aim and I promise you, life would make a whole lot more sense.

If you’re considering being generous too and have a CowryWise account, I wouldn’t mind a donation.

Nothing at all is too small and it all goes into the betterment of this blog.


•Have you ever had to pick between causes for your hustle?

•Are you currently certain that you’ve found what you think is the right cause or you’re still on the road to discovery?

•Have you ever felt like someone without a cause? How did you get over it?

I’d love to hear from you. Be Vocal today✊🏼🗣


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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