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I have a short book in the works called ’Pride Over Me’. Here’s the first chapter. Enjoy💜She was leaving.

She had had enough. Her eyes glassy with tears but the lustre hidden by her sunglasses. She pulled a great look fashion wise and to hold her dignity as well. She couldn’t afford anyone seeing her cry. She had always been the proud one. The Diva. The big girl.

As the only daughter of the biggest businessman in their city, she could have anything with a snap of her fingers. That is, anything but him. Marcel. She couldn’t stand the fact that a mere man who, compared to her, practically had nothing had brought her to tears so she was leaving.

She decided to go in one of her father’s speedboats, telling him she was going on a vacation on one the island not far from the city. She knew it wasn’t exactly the best getaway but at least she wouldn’t get to see him everyday anymore. The mere sight of the perfect yet rebellious man always seemed to hurt her and she needed to run away. If she wasn’t who she was, she would have argued on who had more pride between the both of them. But she was Aurora. The woman who would rather run away in style than admit her fears.

She sat next to the sailor, an umbrella and a bag in her hand. She didn’t pack much because she already had clothes in her father’s beach house. The bag was just an extra.

“We’re ready to go ma’am.” The sailor announced and she nodded in acknowledgement.

He started the engine and the speedboat began to move. She let the bag and umbrella down and just stared ahead into the sea. Something about the blue waters calmed her. Maybe it was the smell of the salt water or the fish or the breeze that blew her golden brown hair which was almost blonde. It was just so soothing to her.

They arrived the island but Aurora was still lost in thought.

“Ma’am, we’re here.” The sailor said, interrupting her thoughts in the.

“Oh really? That ride was a lot shorter than I would have preferred. Anyway, thank you Mr. Diego.” She said, standing up and pulling her bag.

The bag was heavier than was comfortable but she kept walking and pulling it along. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the kind with wheels so she had to lift it. She kept walking and struggling with the bag until she was off the boat and on the shores of the Island. Mr.Diego looked up and saw her struggling with the bag.

“You seem to be having some difficulty. Do I get someone to help you with that bag miss?” Mr. Diego asked.

“Just one bag Mr. Diego. I think I can handle it.” She said as she looked back and flashed him a bright smile showing off her pearly whites.

She found her way to the gates of her father’s beach house and immediately she got right in front of the gates, they unlocked.

…To be continued 💜


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

14 thoughts on “PRIDE OVER ME – AN EXCERPT

  1. Absolutely digestable. It is a work that you can flow with when you read. There is a feeling you get if you really understand the context, it looks like you’re in the story, watching the whole thing happen but you can’t intervene. Nice work Ruby💎

    Liked by 1 person

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