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I’m sure you need these powers for whatever. Just trust me 🌝Staring in anticipation

I’m sure this was your face after seeing the title.

You’re wondering where I’ve heard what I’m about to tell you and if what I say is even legit.

Well, I’ll tell you that it’s true. There are ways to do beyond the natural. No, I’m not a witch or magician or whatever.

So please hanty, what powers are you talking about?

I’m not talking about magic but I’m talking about influencing the natural to work in your favour. I’m talking about getting what you want by doing the minimal.

I am talking about your MINDSET. There I said it.

Walk away
And I know this is you right now.

I’ll advice you to hold on and just hear me out before you walk out disappointed and mad at me.

You’re looking for quick ways to get what you want innit? You want the world to work for you don’t you? Well, I know how you can do that and I’ll tell you if you just read on.

Contemplating meme
This is what you look like contemplating before deciding to finally wait.

So, I said MINDSET. Mindset is basically not that big a word. It’s just 2 words put together. Mind + Set = Mindset.

So mindset is how you set your mind. Abi?

Funny, but that’s really what it is. Mindset is your view of situations and the world. Literally what you set your mind to believe. It is a set of…

Set of minds innit? No😂

…notations, beliefs, methods and/or assumptions held by a person. Mindsets involve not only individuals, but a group as well. There are group mindsets. These are mindsets shared by a group of people.

Mindsets govern a person’s behaviour, beliefs and choices. Basically, your mindset makes you think what you think and do what you do. The study of mindsets has unearthed the theory that there are two types of mindsets. The growth and fixed mindsets. While people with growth mindsets believe things such as their traits and abilities can develop and evolve, those with fixed mindsets believe these things are static and don’t change.

For more information on which mindset you have, you can visit here.

Anyway, aside the categorisation of mindset into these two types, mindset has a lot to do with how the world treats us. Remember mindset is your philosophical view of the world? Well, that view in conjunction with a powerful phenomenon called The Law of Attraction is the determinant of whether or not we can get the world to bend to our whims.

The Negative Mindset.

If you have this mindset, it means you’re mostly a pessimist. You see life as bleak and sad and unproductive. You never think anything good can come out of life. This mindset is the mindset of most people. Some masking it as realism, others, just point blank pessimism.

People with this kind of mindset tend to live bleak unfulfilling lives and basically, they’re the architects of their misfortune.

The Positive Mindset.

This mindset puts you as an optimist. You see the bright side of things all the time. The silver lining in the darkest of clouds. If these bright sides aren’t so obvious…or ‘bright’, you fish them out and illuminate them.

If you’re someone with this kind of mindset, you tend to expect the best out of life and more often than not, life compensates you.

The ‘Que Sera Sera’ Mindset.

Que Sera Sera is French and directly translates to ‘Whatever will be will be’. This is the mindset that life already has a script and nothing can be done to change it. People like this are often lax and feel no offence when things don’t work out for them and life is throwing bricks at them. Instead of building a wall with the bricks to protect them from more bricks, they just let life keep hitting them.

They can not come and go and kill themselves away and come and die.

Now this is the part where I was going to categorise majority of Nigerians into either one of these mindsets but Nigerians confuse me. Yoruba people mostly. They’re the ones who will name their child Boluwatife(meaning as God wants) -the Que Sera Sera mindset- but will still be the ones that are overly meticulous about saying negative things – which is a little bit of both the positive and negative mindset because they choose to want to only proclaim positive things but at the same time refuse to say negative things because of they’re experts at thinking up worst case scenarios.

For example, one of my aunts once told me to never say the floor is hot. She told me to proclaim that the floor would never be hot for me even when it was unbearable for everyone else.

These ones have come again with their negative mentalities.

But after looking at it properly, that’s just them choosing to proclaim good amidst the discomfort. That’s positive mentality.

Then I was left like this.

I guess it’s safe to say Nigerians are impossible to categorise.

Eventually, I learnt that just as it is with Temperaments, so it is with mindsets. A person can have multiple but there’s always a dominant one.

How does all this one get me superpowers hanty?

Well, it’s safe to say what kind of superpowers you have depend on your mentality. People with positive mentalities somehow always get the best of life. Their outlook on life is one that expects nothing but sunshine even after the rain.

It’s probably their fault that sun is frying everyone now.

I used to be the most pessimistic person I knew and so got in a lot of trouble. I couldn’t believe my luck. It was so unbelievably bad that I sometimes questioned God. I’ll skip the part about having depression and my suicidal attempts because they’re just boring.

You definitely don’t want to hear about that.

Then an angel came into my life in the person of Aaron Salau. I’ll fly to Toronto for him soon.

Aaron made me learn about the law of attraction and made me do it on my own so it wouldn’t seem like he was forcing his ideologies on me. The law of attraction, when properly harnessed will bring whatever you believe deep in your soul. And boom! There’s your answer. Superpowers.

There’s one problem though. The law of attraction takes time and a level of conviction that most people don’t attain. This is the reason I said it’s easier for optimists to get the best out of life. They are usually so programmed to always anticipating the best, hence, all they need to do is be themselves and harness the law of attraction. God has made out subconscious such a powerhouse and all we have to do is tap into that power.

Do more research on the law of attraction, learn to use it, and thank me later. Your life would be a bundle of whatever your innermost man desires.


  • Have you ever heard of the law of attraction?
  • Have you ever desired something so bad that you thought about it constantly?
  • Did you get it? If you did that’s the law of attraction at work and not some randomness.
  • If you didn’t, do you think it’s because you don’t understand how the law of attraction works? You probably need to do some research then. Just google
  • Were you disappointed by my answer? This is the question I want all of you to answer. Lol.


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11 thoughts on “HOW TO GET SUPERPOWERS

  1. Yet another Beautiful piece. Quick One; The law of attraction basically works to attract your way your dominant thoughts, going by what I have observe about certain people with positive mindset yet nothing seems to be working for them, could it be that there’s a higher law at work?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Depends. Do you believe in fate? And even then, I believe the law of attraction eventually works. Not immediately. After all, there’s Jabez in the bible, fated to carry sorrow everywhere – it was even in his name. But he wouldn’t settle for that. Eventually, he thought and prayed so much for positivism that he got God to answer him and change his situation.

      Eventually. Not immediately.


  2. Great pointers!! I will be talking about this on my blog but in my version😉. I have also been trying to follow your blog. Pls check your setting to see that you are using the encrypted https and not http. 😘

    Liked by 2 people

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