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Chances are you’ve gotten on someone’s bad side. Here’s brownie’s exclusive guide to dealing with it.People aren’t always in the same mood you’re in. It happens. It could be the happiest day of your life and you want to spread some of that good mood but the person is:

Boobs man
Especially if it’s a boobsman that hasn’t had any in weeks.

Things like that are bound to happen all the time. It’s unavoidable. We’re different people with different emotions going through different things. Why expect everyone to feel the same way you do all the time? Who are you? Assistant Jesus?

Even Jesus didn’t expect everyone to be happy all the time so he brought joy.

I’m not judging you for wanting to share your happiness. In fact, I’m not judging you at all. I’m not judging ANYONE at all.

Everyone is welcome.

Unless you’re the kind of person who doesn’t welcome everyone.

In that case,


Anyway, since everyone agrees that there’s always gonna be a time you come across angry and/or cranky people…

If you like, don’t agree. I can’t comman goan kee myself away and comman die.

…here’s my guide on what to do.

1. Keep up your happiness while showing empathy.

Keep doing you. Don’t lose that good mood but let them know that you’re there for them. They’ll come around eventually; even if it’s two weeks later.

Lass lass sha. Keep checking once once like this.

2. Try to hover around them and sprinkle some of your good mood.

Mood is contagious so being around them can actually be a quick way to cheer them up. Some will find it pesky and might get crankier and some will end up sharing your happiness, especially if it’s someone who really loves you. People who love you will try to be happy for you.

I saw something on Twitter after Nipsey Hussle died.

Not everyone in your circle is in your corner.

The person suspected for Nipsey’s murder apparently used to be part of his crew.

Not everyone around you is really down for you so don’t expect that they’ll share your happy moments because if they don’t care about you, they definitely won’t be able to feel happy for you. This doesn’t mean that whenever people don’t get happy for you, they’re not down for you. It could just mean they’re going through a whole lot at that point and you need a different approach to them.

You need to learn to discern.

If you read this previous post, you’d know what mindset to have so things can work out for you.

3. Give them a little space.

…or breast in the case of the unhappy boobsman. Give him brezz hanty!

Some people wish the saying:

Give me a loan and leave me alone

Could work.

If they didn’t need the money, would there be interest in the loan or even want it back at all?

When things are going wrong, a lot of people -myself included- don’t really fancy socialising. I wouldn’t even fancy humans at all. Cause I’m basically wallowing in sadness and show up with all the joy in the world reminding me of what I’m missing so you’d get why I need space before I start to resent you.

It could also be that your pity and empathy is like a mirror of how I feel which leads to even more resentment. Hence, SPACE!

In conclusion, I need y’all to remember there’s always going to be cranky people in your life but these tips will definitely help you…or not…what do I know? Remember there’s a different approach for different people. Keep this in mind and it’ll all work out.


•How do you think can you discern between people who don’t share your happiness because they’re in too much of a bad place or because they’re not down for you?

•Have you ever dealt with cranky people? What was your approach?

•When you’re cranky, what would you rather people do to or for you?

Join in the conversation by commenting. Be vocal💜


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5 thoughts on “HOW TO DEAL WITH CRANKY PEOPLE: 3 Simple Ways

  1. When i act cranky, I wud like people to make me realize that they did not like it by their expressions and then leave me alone.
    If I know I did something wrong, I would soon crave to correct my ways n patch up with the affected person.

    Liked by 1 person

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