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Let’s see how it all began, shall we?17 YEARS AGO

”Daddy!” The little girl screamed, running toward her father.

For every other thing, Mr Corona was too tired but for his baby girl, he always had enough strength.

”Hello my little light. I can see you missed daddy.” He said with arms open wide to catch Aurora when she jumped in. He engulfed her in a bear hug and lifted her off the ground, carrying her on his side.

”I did daddy. Nobody in this house gives me what I want when you’re not around.” She reported to her father with a too adorable pout to ignore.

”That probably means you weren’t really a good girl.” Lumi explained to his daughter with a failed attempt at mimicking his daughter’s pout.

”But I was daddy!” She whined. ”I even helped in the kitchen but I wasn’t tall enough to put my hands in the sink so Celine put the dish water in a bowl on the floor for me.” She explained, all too clearly for a 5 year old while her father made faces that made it seem like she was telling a story equivalent to that of the Chronicles of Narnia. ”I got water everywhere and Celine almost tripped, but at least I helped do the dishes.” She finished with a toothy smile and in hopes that her father would agree with her.

Lumi feigned a thinking face for a short while before finally nodding at his daughter with a smile to show he agreed. Aurora started to giggle.

”Yay! That means I get what I wanted.” She exclaimed and flailed her arms.

”Yes, sweetie. You do.” Lumi smiled. ”So tell me, what was it you wanted that they wouldn’t give to you?” He asked.

”A brand new doll set.” She said.

”But sweetie, don’t you already have a lot of doll sets?” He half-stated, half-asked.

”Yes. But they’re all princess and superstars and all. I want one of a country girl.” She explained.

”Woow. And you know what a country girl is…how?” Lumi raised a brow at his daughter.

”I saw her on TV. She was so pretty and could ride the horses.” Aurora said dreamily. ”When can I ride horses daddy?” She asked with puppy eyes.

”When you’re old enough to hold your own grip sweetie.”

Truth is, every new thing his daughter wanted to try scared Lumi beyond words but listening to her explain and express herself so much was a show that his little light was growing and soon enough, she’d be able to burn bright on her own.

”Okay?” He asked her.

”Okay, daddy. But I still want my doll set.” She said with another toothy smile.

”Of course! We’ll go get that as soon as I get some rest.” He returned her smile. ”Now! Where’s your mother?” He asked while scouting the parts of the house that he could from his position.

”I think she went out with her friends. I heard Lilah’s mom earlier and since then, I haven’t seen any one of them.” She told her father as he put her down.

”Hm? Okay.” He replied. ”Celine!” He called out.

Celine walked into the living room from the kitchen while Aurora bounds up the stairs to her room to play with her many toys.

”Welcome home, sir.” Celine greeted with a bow.

”Thank you, Celine. I’m starving. Get me whatever is available and if my wife gets home, tell her I’m in my quarters.” He ordered.

”Alright, sir.” Celine said with another now.

”Could you quit the bowing? I haven’t changed, Celine. Thank you.” He smiled at her.

”Alright, sir.” Celine said without a bow this time and headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch for Mr Corona.


So it’s back to the past😁 That’s how it all began.


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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