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You think the cat is suffocating? Think again. You might be the one who’s losing your breath.

What is brownie doing here? I thought school was trying to kill her.

That’s what you thought when you got the notification, shey? Well, yes. School was and is trying to kill me.

Lately, I’ve been having entire strings of existential crises.

It’s not easy.

I won’t go into details because most are way too dark. Fortunately for me – and since I’m so blessed – I’m still standing.

Even though all the staylites and everyone else keep telling me that I’ve not even started anything.

I mean, I’m already basically thin. Is it until I look like a stick?

No, UI. Tell me the truth. Tell me na!

In addition to all of this, Cameron Boyce just had to die.

Life is a pot of beans. _Brownie_vocal

The only useful thing I can say I’ve gotten from this school is the wonderful Christian fellowship and moments with God (and meeting a few wonderful people).

You see, back home, my church is basically a 45-minute drive from my house. That’s not very encouraging when there are midweek services and all. Hence, we mostly only go for Sunday service. Here, on the other hand, I can go to church every day…

…if UI didn’t succeed in sucking all the joy from me on that day.

Anyway, yes. I’m back. I think. The fact that I wasn’t even posting and the views kept coming in…

…I really don’t deserve y’all.

I’ve learnt that I’m just going to have to adapt, else, I won’t be able to do all the things I love. I can’t have that. I miss y’all. I miss writing. I miss expressing myself. That’s why I’m back.

It’s not just because I’ve been seeing all the other writers pick up their shit.

Although, I’ll admit it was a bit of motivation. Especially when Osastheking resumed posting on her blog right after following mine.

Yes, y’all! She’s following!!

I knew I couldn’t disappoint then. Hence, here I am.

I know y’all missed me.

I honestly can’t explain how much I missed this too and I’ll do everything in my power to be consistent. No more – or minimal- slacking.

Over the period of time I’ve been here – in Ibadan, I’ve been hearing. Actually, I’ve always been hearing and you probably have been too but we all barely ever listen. Recently, I learned to listen.

There’s this new song by Naira Marley that’s gaining more clout than it deserves. Before I go on, I believe it’s best if I told you that if you’re a marlian or whatever y’all call yourselves, you need to stay away. Stay away from here, from me, from my social media and everything else that’s connected to me.

I believe I said that in the sweetest way possible, and that you understand. Now, we may proceed.

The song, called Soapy, even came with a very imbecilic dance that seemed like a glorification of masturbation to me at first. Later, I found out that it was a lame attempt at awareness. Apparently, Marley was telling guys to not do bad things, else, they’d end up in jail where they’d be sex deprived and have only soap to wank.

I could stay on here all day and rant about how shitty the song, the dance and everyone indulging in it is. To be honest, I’m actually tempted to.

This is my space and you can’t do anything about what I do on it.

Rather than rant, I, instead, would talk about something of benefit.

I brought up the song to help me explain the difference between hearing and listening. When soapy is blaring loud from speakers and you’re just passing by, you’re hearing that song. Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m definitely not listening. If I could, I would go unplug those speakers but, unfortunately, most times I can’t. When you aren’t making a conscious effort to take in whatever you can hear, then you’re not listening. Like I’d rather actually LISTEN to Jacob Banks or Jon Bellion or Bastille. But no. Humans choose to be weird.

Although the word listen is usually associated with hearing through the ears, listening is a lot more than that.

The world talks to you. Your body talks to you. The Lord talks to you. Most times, they’re subtle. You can feel it. The discomfort that comes with doing something, making a decision and even relating with people. That yearning to be somewhere, to meet someone, to do something. All of that is your body talking to you. Very few people are ever really paying attention.

To live a life that’s fulfilling, you’re going to have to learn to listen to your body. The world is so perfectly tuned that your subconscious is constantly working for your good. It’s like a magnet that is always attracted to whatever will bring you the best. Coupled with the Holy Spirit – if you’re a Christian – your inner man will always try to communicate with you so that you’re always walking and/or working in accordance to the will of God.


  • When the world seems to be at it’s loudest:

  • Every now and then, it’s like everything is competing for your attention. I, for sure, can testify to this. So many things to do and it’s like you’re meant to do it all at the same time. Sometimes, it’s so many decisions to make all at once and you’re just confused.
  • Since this has been me the past few weeks, trust me, I know how it feels.

    I’ve been so distracted. A few times, I even get distracted from my distractions. Hell of a cycle if you ask me.

    Times like these are when the world is at its loudest. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the hustle and bustle that we barely ever feel in control and/or conscious of other minor but equally important things. Times like these are when your body is leading you but the distractions of your distractions distract you from your own self. Times like these are times you have to calm down every once in a while. Times like these are times you need to take a break from external control and expectations and connect to the internal. TIMES LIKE THESE ARE TIMES YOU HAVE TO LISTEN.

    • Moments of Unsurety:

  • No one knows everything. The way life would go, what happens if you step to the left rather than the right, if you’ll marry that person you’re dating, no one is ever sure of any of these.
  • Unless, of course, you’re one of the fates. Which I highly doubt.
  • Once in a while all of this unsurety is overwhelming especially when you have big decisions to make. While I’m certain you’re not one of the fates, the subconscious of every person works in such a way that it only moves toward everything that’s best for that person. Hence, listen. Your body will lead you and risk wouldn’t seem like such a bad thing anymore.
    • When you feel you need to even though you don’t want to:

  • Trust me. I’m just as confused as you are about that.
  • There’s a ginormous difference between what you need to do and want to do. Needs come with a lot more pressure than wants even though it sometimes seems like wants come with the pressure. That’s just your flesh being typical. You need to be someone who doesn’t revel in the flesh to be a good listener in moments like this. For example, you have this need to go to the kitchen at midnight after a long day. It might even be for no apparent reason and sleep is all you want. Heck! At that point, it might even seem like what you need. But it’s not. What you need, is to go to the kitchen and grab a cup of milk because the microwave caught fire and would burn the entire house down before you wake up in the morning. Need to. Not want to.

    Like I said before, everything is talking to you every time. You need to learn to filter and listen. Hence, you need to listen every single time.

    In conclusion, I’ll say that listening might not come off as so easy at the start but eventually, you’ll learn to filter and tune in to the most important of things you need to hear.

    P.S. I’ve decided I’ll be updating you once in 2 weeks now to give me ample time for everything than needs me and my attention.

    Including you guys. C’mere.

    Love y’all,



    Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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