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A Cat In The Bag

You think the cat is suffocating? Think again. You might be the one who’s losing your breath.“No one should ever find out. It’s black. Too dark. The dark is where dark belongs.”

And so she keeps it. 

Be it something she did, 

something that happened; 

something she said. 

She just can’t let the world see. 

Who wouldn’t judge her if they beheld something so dark? 




The same dark. 

Stuffed up. 

Wrapped up. 

Tied up. 

It she thinks she suffocates while she, 

even more than it, 


Then again, she forgets. 

Cats are beautiful too. 

Big bold eyes, even whiskers 

And beautiful hairs too. 

Struts in pride, in glory. 

The king of the jungle? A cat too

Just a bit more gory. 

Yes. A bit dark. 

Quite dark, actually. 

But if she looks at it, 

it need not be hidden. 

Then again, it’s her cat. 

So what’s your story? 

What do you hide? 

What do you cover up in such a hurry? 

Is it necessary? 

Are you suffocating in place of the cat? 

Then let it out instead. 

Let it out of the bag. 

Then again, it’s your cat.

This terrible attempt at a poem, spoken word piece, or whatever literary work this counts as was written as my L&D assignment in school. This same piece became my submission for the press in my department in school. And now, here it is. Quite useful a piece it has been, isn’t it? 

Why put it to so much use you ask? 

Actually, I was just really lazy if I’m being honest.


*Also, see how that cat isn’t in a bag? Hold on to that.


Before you go on, you might like this.


It’s not like I really loved the piece. You see, by needing to ‘publicly present’ this piece, I made a lame attempt at memorising it. Later, I found out I could actually read it out while presenting. That didn’t take away the little part that I already had inside my head.

While ruminating…

Rather unwillingly, I must say.

…the words of that piece kept hitting me right, left, and centre.

Some gbas gbos type shit.

I thought about the fact that, as is popularly said, everyone has secrets. EVERYONE. Some darker than others, yes, but secrets nonetheless. 

This blogpost, hence, will be an explanation of what I expect you all do with your secrets. With reference, 

Of course, importantly,

To the end of that piece. 

Then again, it’s your cat.

Remember that I will never, EVER, impose any of my thoughts or opinions on any one of you. If God – who created us – gives us free will, who am I to want to impose anything on any one of his children. 


That said – and hopefully established – on to my thoughts, shall we?

The whole point when I was constructing that piece was to subtly tell people that your secrets, while you think might be dying, should (and practically will) be let out else, you’re the one who could hurt in its place. Apparently, not so many speak subtle. 

Sometimes, we think our secrets are dark. The darkest thing ever to walk the earth. Darker than night.

Darker than the ass of a black man even.

But, we forget that even at night, there are stars and a moon. A bright side. As breathtakingly beautiful as the moon and stars are, you’re never going to see them if the sun doesn’t set first. If – and typically when – the sun does set, and you end up with darkness, LOOK FOR THE MOON. Don’t try to force the sun back up. It won’t work. 

In layman terms, embrace it and look for ways around it to make it work for you. 

Few posts ago, we might or might not have established the fact that I abhor the ‘que sera sera’ life. Whatever will be won’t be until you let it be. The good of life isn’t going waltz up to you, reach for your hand and take it with you so y’all can both dance into the sunset.

Nope hunnie. Sorry to break it to you.

What has happened, however, has happened. There is no changing the past. The past can leave you with deep scars and secrets and there is no changing that. The scar is there and you, most likely, would have bottled up your secrets hoping one day it’ll die.

Or at least the people it would matter to would have died. Either way, it’s a win-win. Right? No, sweetie.

I saw a quote once. I do not remember exactly how it went, but, it was something along the lines of:

Scars aren’t ugly and don’t show that you lost. They show that you fought and despite getting hurt, you survived.

I don’t remember whose quote it is and don’t know exactly how it went, but, that is what I got from it and is what I need you to get too.

Show off your scars, unless, of course, they’re in obscene places. I don’t think you need to show those off generally – if you know what I mean. 

I like how there’s a story to every scar. A scar gets more and more inspiring the uglier or deeper it is. It’s like hey: ‘I was closer and closer to death but I survived.’ Secrets work kind of the same way. Whatever gives you a secret will – most times – leave you with a problem too. How ironic it is that the problem usually can only be solved with/by knowledge of the secret. Keeping your secrets in leaves you with all the problems to deal with when you could get rid of said problems by a simple revelation. 

In conclusion, I’d love for y’all to know that despite my ‘advice’ to let out your cat, this might or might not apply to every situation. Just as I recently learnt, you can not buy wisdom. It’s a gift that involves risks. It takes wisdom to know when to let your secrets out. So I pray it for every single one of you my loves.

You know, it’s also a show of wisdom if you read this, like it, follow the blog, and share it. 


• Happy holidays! I absolutely loved mine. How did the holidays go for you? 

Do you have secrets? Trick question! Haha.

• Have you ever had a secret that caused quite a  problem and the only solution to said problem was to reveal your secrets?

What do you think about my advice?

Remember loves, Be vocal💜


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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