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Education? Na. Suicide? Probably

Is it the answer? Is it not the answer? Are we at fault? Are we not at fault? Life sha🚶🏼‍♀️Good day, Vocals. Vocals, good day.

Maybe I should just move out of this Awo Hall. It’s really messing with my head. Asides the physical stress of living there, I now have their greeting stuck in my head. I’m really an Awoite now.

And if you didn’t get the greeting I made at the start, are you really an awoite?

Anyway, I’m not here today to talk about halls. First order of the day is an apology. This is weird because I think I’ve been apologising for the past 3 posts.

Luckily, y’all still love me like that

Last post, I kind-of-in-a-way-promised to post fortnightly. I know. And I need you to know that I started this post and had the intention of posting it in due time. Unfortunately, I didn’t finish it. There are a lot of things that contributed to distracting me. The main one is the fact that as a Campus journalist,

Which I now am,

I had a deadline in my local press organisation that I needed to meet. Hence, I ditched the blog post for it. Ever since I ditched it, I never went back to it. Exams showed and a few other factors played. To be honest, I have a shitload of excuses, but, that’s just what they are. Excuses. So enough of them. Once again, I apologise.

Next, let’s head into the main business of today. If you read this post, then you know that I value the input of my readers. I even called for it and I’m glad that some of us have been answering that call. Today, we’ll be looking at the rant of one our very own.


The epidemic of suicide among Nigerians has hit an alarming all-time high. Whilst there is enough blame to go round, many blame the epidemic on social media and cyber bullying. The habitual silence and apathy on sensitive issues also plays a role. In the famous words of Burna:

Many things dey happen wet we never talk.

Let’s take a closer look at the fabric of the present Nigerian society and system of tertiary education to find the root of this problem. Nigeria is a country that has suffered from (and is still suffering) the PTSD of years of slave trade, forced unity, slave trade, resource extraction & theft and religious misappropriations. The modern day Nigerian society was built on a faulty foundation that ignored the main essence of society; human capital development. The ruling class has for long invested (and mostly embezzled) heavily under the guise of infrastructural development while forgetting to develop the people who make up Nigeria- Nigerians. The ripple effect of the lack of investing in citizens is evident in various sectors, especially education.

Nigerian universities are understaffed and majority of the lectures are either underpaid, undertrained, or both. Some who pass the hurdle of underpayment and undertraining take only few students as they become difficult to access. Some lecturers prey sexually and financially on male and female students alike.

Awon oloshi, oloriburuku, abanilayeje.

Reporting these cases are almost impossible. There is a general stigma for sexual assault victims in this part of the world and in most cases, it’s the lecturer’s word against the student’s. Hence, most students are forced to ‘lock up’ and move on with life in general. The inhuman treatment of students in Nigerian tertiary institutions (private and public) are unimaginable. Those who finally escape this hurdle end up suffering under the pointless scheme (which in the true sense is a blatant waste of an entire year) called NYSC.



Phew! That is some heavy stuff.

And he wrote all of it himself. No cap. I’m tempted to tag him and give him all the credit but, he says he’d rather be kept Anon, save for his last name which he gave me permission to include as credit.

He is right. The suicide rate among students over the past few years breaks my heart. As a student in a Nigerian University, I can tell you, this thing is hell. Even worse is not having your efforts recognised. Be it the lecturers who never set questions based on what you read or were taught or, like some people I know said, set MIT and/or Harvard type of questions after barely teaching anything,

Trust me, I’ve witnessed this.

it’s like school is out to get us. And I’m only in first year.

I can’t even do the things I love anymore. How sad. But I’m here standing and that’s what I’m here to tell you.

It’s sad. I know. It hurts. I know. It is not easy. I know. Why does it all even matter? How does it all even matter? But sweetie, it will get better.

Trust me, I’ve witnessed this.

Not immediately, but, eventually. I told you that here. You’ll be fine.

If you’re not convinced, drop a message will you? Say something.

I sound like one of those sappy motivational speakers already so I’ll just go now. Remember, there’s a lot more to life than ‘then’ no matter how terrible it must have been. There’s also more to life than right now. Really.

Be Vocal💜


• How do you deal when things are terrible? Drop a few pointers so you can help someone.

What’s one thing about life right now that you hate?

• While focusing on the shitty parts, the good sides help even things out. What’s one thing about life right now that you love?


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10 thoughts on “Education? Na. Suicide? Probably

      1. I couldn’t help but agree with you after I read through your article. Beautiful piece.
        This and a host of other issues have caused a steady increase in the rate of suicide among Nigerian students.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I was confused at first about the issues Students face in the tertiary institutions but after reading your above write up, It got my understanding straightened. God bless you for this.
          You’re vocal as always.

          Liked by 1 person

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