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Now That I’m Legal

First off, guess who’s turned the big 1 and 8? That’s right! This gal!

If you’re on my contact list, you can attest to how excited I’ve seemed about it. In actuality, while it looked like that, I’ve been nervous shitless. So worried that I even tried my hand at the shitty poetry that I sort of…in-a-way..kind of…not exactly…

Igbo man looking at you wrong memeI’m sure this is how you’re looking at me now so you know what? Never mind.

Before I got caught up in proving my point – which, by the way, is the fact that I didn’t really want to do what I did -, I was going to tell you about the shit poem-not-exactly-a-poem I wrote. That’s right! I did poetry…

Sort of, at least.

I know it’s a terrible thing to let out a lame attempt for an unveiling but it is the story I have to tell and this blog is for exactly that – telling my story.

In the words of one of my favourite writers, Victory Wrights, who also happens to be a doctor of Optometry (at least soon enough), this piece contains major fears and prayers. It’s true expression so who cares if it’s shitty poetry. True expression is art.

Here it is:

Dear 18, you’re here. Welcome.

If I mean that wholeheartedly, I can not promise but a choice to not welcome you, I don’t have either.

Dear 18, you’re here. Welcome.

I doubt I’m ready but you don’t wait. None of you ever have, neither will you; none of you ever will.

Dear 18, you’re here. Welcome.

17 was lessons everyday in preparation of your arrival. I sincerely hope I’ve learnt enough. If I haven’t, you’ll have to teach me and I hear you’re a tougher teacher than 17 was.

Dear 18, you’re here. Welcome.

Aren’t you glad you arrived and met me alive and well. Those before you threatened me so much that I didn’t think I’d want to meet you.

Dear 18, you’re here. Welcome.

I’ve anticipated you; although in fear. Who knows what you’ll bring because you’re an entirely different package and I fear uncertainty.

Dear 18, you’re here. Welcome.

I’ve loved and I’ve lost over your predecessors. I want to do more of the latter and less of the former with you and from now on.

Dear 18, you’re here. Welcome.

I hope you brought more of the Holy Spirit. All the others didn’t have enough of Him. Perhaps they did, but I wasn’t ready to receive. I am now, however.

Dear 18, you’re here. Welcome.

Now that you’ve arrived, there’s no going back. I hope to work well with you. It’s either that or let everyone down and that’s something I’m not ready to do.

Dear 18, you’re here. Welcome.

A pleasure to meet you I hope it’ll remain until you’re succeeded. It’s me and you until the leap passes. I’ll put in more, I promise, so long as you promise to be kind in return.

Dear 18, you’re here. Welcome.

Woman holding back commentMeeeehhhh, right?

Absolute sigh. Well, guess who’s performing this sigh?

Do I really have to point it out?

I’ll be reciting this piece in church and I’ll try my best to make a video to be published on social media platforms. If that can’t happen, well…

Moving on, it came. It really did come.

Mila rolling her eyes in disgust.Wipe that grin off of your face. I’m not talking about any of the nasty shit you’re thinking.

Despite being let down by basically everyone that was supposed to make me look like a queen – except, of course, Dominion, who made my dress – I still slayed it. Sort of.

I looked good for the pictures, but in actuality, I’ll be sitting in my room through most of day. Probably have a cup of garri to go with all the Christmas chicken. I’ll definitely be getting extra because man’s is legal after all.

This act is none other than an avenue for me to take in the fact I legit have responsibilities now. To my family, my loved ones, my country, the world, and, most importantly, myself.

Nicki minaj feeling downThis is such a big deal because I hate responsibilities.

This is for real what I might look like under the smile all day.

I’ll be fine, however. I know this because, as I said in the piece above, the other years came with their problems. They just weren’t responsibilities.

So, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year in advance…

Little cute girl peeping memeYes, the curtains are closing as regards this post.

…And a happy life. Live long, and prosper!


  • First off, you’re really not going to wish me a happy birthday?
  • Next, what do you think about the blog’s new look? I was thinking something fun and colourful is best…you know…to contradict the fact that I’m all grown up and brooding now. Psyche! I’ll never be brooding. At least not openly.
  • Did you miss me? Because I sure missed you all.
  • What do you think about my not-so-poem poem?
  • What’re the plans Christmas/new year? And don’t you dare tell me nothing 😑 I wanna know where the turn up is!!!

With all of the above, you can’t tell me you don’t have anything to leave a comment about! So remember, comment, share and most importantly, subscribe!

Until next time!

#BeVocal 💜


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7 thoughts on “Now That I’m Legal

  1. Okay, Happy birthday 🥂🥂🥂. I’ll call it a poem it’s really nice plus I/ we could relate . Yes we did miss you. And yes the new look is Bam…… we’ve been waiting on it. I Actually don’t have plans for Christmas imma be home all day. Have a wonderful day brownie

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