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Happy New Year And All That Yada

First off, Happy New Year! I know the title doesn’t portray me as that excited for it, but hey, trust me; I am.It’s a new month, a new year, and, as some even reckon, a new decade.

What is up with that deal anyways? Is it a new decade? Is it not a new decade?

Khaleesi scrutinizing hard to find answersCome on, people that run this shit. We really need to know.

When I made research – because I just can not stand not knowing – I found out that this year could be both the end of a decade and the beginning of one. It all just depends on what angle you’re looking at it from. If you’re the kind of person that thinks the basic numbers are 0 to 9, then yes, 2020 is a totally new decade. However, if you one who thinks the numbers are 1 to 10, then boohoo for you, you have one more year till the decade is over. I can not imagine how weird Twitter is going to be at the end of 2020. Especially if somehow, the 1 to 10 perspective is proved right or at least accepted by the majority.

In addition, there’s the century aspect. You know how there’s no 0 A.D rather, it starts from 1 A.D? Hence, the first century is 1-100A.D and this is made up of ten decades 1-10. Following this order, 2011-2020 is supposed to be one decade. Given this, we’re at the end of the decade and not a new one.

That said, welcome to a new decade and the end of a decade. Whatever floats your boat, to be honest. If you know me and know me well, you’d know that objectivity is not a strong suit of mine. Whatever makes you happy, so it is.

Live and let live, hunnies.

No resolutions this year. Those things ain’t shit for my not-so-committed ass. Rather, since 2019 was lessons over and over again, I’ll be putting what I learnt into practice.

What, pray, tell, have you learnt ooo?

Well, since you all asked so nicely, I’ll let you in on 3 things I think we should all know as we go forging ahead into the gift of 300+ days that life has bestowed on us.


They always have been, they are, and they always will be. We’re all humans and can only do so much. We can only do so much at a time.

Basically, what I’m trying to tell you is ’stop expecting things from people’. It’ll hurt you, and, in the course, might hurt others too. Life’s a let down sometimes and you know what? That’s actually okay because there are times that it is an absolute delight too.

Sometimes people will even look like this telling you they did their best and you’re just wondering what it is they did.

Humans are just wired like that. Selfish. Live with it.


This, my dears, is crucial information. It’s hard. I know. But, I promise it’s doable. Like I said earlier, people will let you down. You’ll be forced to live with it and even move on if you want peace. Just LET. IT. GO.


And by this, I mean your peace. Your rest. Your stability. Your balance. You come first. I know that we’re told to not be selfish. Reach out to others and help and that’ll make the world a better place. Well, the thing about that is,

How does someone in need of help want to help anybody else?

Help yourself first. You can give a beggar your last piece of bread but you’re going to need to have that piece of bread in the first place. Help yourself.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

I’ve heard that line so much so many times that it became irritating to hear at a point. Over time, I, however, I learnt how honest it is. How are you going to be peace to people when it’s chaos all over in your life? Help yourself. Yes, you’re allowed to be the most selfless being on the planet but in order to achieve this, a little bit of selfish comes to play.

In conclusion, this is the end of Solomon Grundy. Just kidding. It wouldn’t be a complete blog post if I didn’t let you in about how convinced I am that UI is after my head. I just resumed today and learnt in class that I supposedly have a test tomorrow. Thankfully, in the same class that brought me dread, I found solace. As the lecturer rounded up the class, he announced that the test would hold next week instead. I melted into the chair. I live to fight another day!


  • Happy new year once again! How was your holiday?
  • New year resolution? It might not be my thing but it doesn’t mean it can’t be yours.
  • Do you think it is the end or beginning of a decade?
  • Have you ever felt so right about something even though everyone tells you your wrong? Have you ever had to let said thing go because of everyone’s belief that you’re wrong? I’d love to hear/read.
  • Do you ever have your selfish moments?
  • Finally, have you resumed?


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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year And All That Yada

  1. Good read, I like your writing style 👍🏽.
    Most people are actually in denial of the fact that, they can’t help others unless they first help themselves. It’s the basic truth.
    I mean, before you take out the log from someone’s eye, make sure the spec/splinter is removed from yours first..

    Liked by 1 person

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