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Is Objectivity A Myth?

Initially, this was supposed to be a means to tell all of you to calm your tits about your beliefs because y’all really be doing too much lately but then I realised I’d be going against my own preaching too.

What do I mean?

Take my hand Objectivity is a mythCome, follow me into the twisted depth that is my mind.

In actuality, let’s face it. Every blog post is a journey into that abyss. It’s just that this time, I think this is even deeper than usual.

Emphasis on ‘THINK”.

Objectivity, dears, is the absence of bias. It’s basically the non-existence of prejudice. A neutrality. Detachment. It is the idea that one can make assessments, comments, decisions…whatever…without subjectivity coming to play. It is that whatever is objective is based on facts and standards.

The fact that my neutral answer has a sort of ‘prefix’ to it is proof and justification of my answer.


Mind your business Objectivity is a mythAs much emphasis on the first part as is possible because I like to drink a lot of water and wouldn’t engage in anything that will take water from my system.

…objectivity is a myth. A concept. You can only think it is. You can only try to manifest it but it never truly exists. At least, never in entirety.

I remember telling someone this and he gave me the ‘how about the third person perspective’. I thought about this. Look at every argument between two people. For instance, where one person thinks a thing is 1 and the other thinks it’s -1. They go back and forth. Each, their own points and said points are quite convincing. Take up a mediator and let them decide. The mediator can only ever agree with one person.

Sike Objectivity is a mythUnless, of course, they’re like myself who believes life is all about perspective.

Someone has to be proved right. Right? The mediator has to take a side, else, is the argument over? I remember getting asked a question once. It went

Is it wrong to think you’re right even when everyone says you’re wrong?

Before I go on, I want your answer in the comments section. I want you to do this first because I don’t want my answer influencing yours. There’s a likelihood that you’ll find an answer completely contradictory to yours but that doesn’t matter because all I want is your utter honesty. Perspectives, remember?

Anyway, whatever your answer is, especially in honesty, there will be someone else with a contradictory opinion. Funny thing? They’ll have justifications for their beliefs. Just like you do. They’ll have all the reason in the world for you to see why and how they’re right. With this comes the extremists. The ones that believe you’re in for damnation the moment you don’t agree with their perspective.

Objectivity is a mythPhotographed by The xInsomniac

In the end, there are never facts. Just superior and majority perspectives.

Everyone thinks it and it works for them doesn’t mean that it has to work for you. Nothing is obligated to work for you.

As regards the question asked earlier, I’d really love your answer in the comment section. Note that it says ’is it wrong to THINK you’re right?’ It is not a question of whether or not you really are right. The thing is if everyone thinks you’re wrong, with objectivity in play, you can’t exactly be right. Actually, you can’t be right in the least.

See why I say I believe objectivity is a myth? Relativism, on the other hand, is just so much more feasible. I won’t say it’s real because that would be objective and I don’t work that way. How dare I say one concept that portrays the fact that things can be absolute is not real but its opposite is? I once told my friends something and because of how much gas they like to bring to the table, they have not let it go since then.

They also yelled ’deep’ like a couple of hundred times but that’s not the point right now.

For there to be, there has to not be.

For there to be 1 there has to be ’not 1’. For relativism to exist, there kind of has to be a chance that objectivity is not a myth.

I guess what I’m trying to say in the end, is the fact that complete and utter honesty, there is. Complete and unwavering faith and belief, there is. Conviction, epiphanies and everything in between, there is. But you can only ever believe what you believe. Take, for instance, the ’fact’ that the earth is around. Known fact, scientifically proven and all that; yet, there are still flat earthers. Are they wrong for believing they’re right? To you who believes hook, line and sinker the ’fact’ that the earth is round, they’re wrong. To those, however who are fellow flat earthers, they couldn’t be more right.

In summary

Everything I have written up to this point is out of the bias I hold. I believe objectivity is a myth. What do you?

Remember to leave your comments abou anything; whatever it may be. Especially the questions I asked.

Are you right or wrong? You can be rest assured that I don’t believe I have the answer that. I think relativism is as real as can be. As a result, I don’t believe that you’re wrong for believing objectivity is as real as can be. As I said earlier, I believe in my belief. What do you?

Now I’m off to study because I ’might’ have a test tomorrow.


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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