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I’m Still A *bigger* Mess

School has finished!

What do you want to hear? That I missed you? Ha! You kid yourself. I spent the whole of the session loving all the wrong people. Yes, dear. People with penis will embarrass you and embarrass you bad. They can never make up their mind and I’m tired. I should probably be a hard guy and just avoid all this nonsense like that. I, however, choose to keep being an idiot.

Another thing that took all my attention all through? Thinking! Lots of it. Baby, I deserve a trophy the size of a horse’s dong in overthinking. No one does it better than my humble self.





Dear, I’m hot cake, right? I choose to believe I am. Why, then, did none of the boys I like…hold on, rephrase that…

Why, then, did NO BOY at all ask me to be their dinner date? I’d have bought my own ticket and everything on big G.

I’m sorry, love, but I only got to be pepper once and here you have it.

Let’s hope the pepper was enough for the sauce like that sha.

Omo! You have no idea how shit my luck is with penis people. You can get the best penis but they’re shitty people and/or lovers. Why does life like to do me like this? I’m a good person. A lover. I’m even beautiful.

Hei! It’s not fair! Classic life. Always getting another boner after fucking me right in the ass.

However, thanks to you, dear, I can reflect on all this nonsense and overthink shit more. Hehehe. What did you expect I’d say? That I’d move on from all of it?

Brownie doesn’t work like that. I will rant about it to you every time I have the urge.

Because most of you are lazy, I’ve decided I’d write shorter posts. Yes, love. I’m an unbelievably selfless human and none of you could ever measure up!

But really, a little research has shown me that most people either have too fast-paced lives or are just not into reading so much. Hence, my decision about the length of my blog posts?

Fun fact: I wrote this in one sitting. I’m just amazing sha. I don’t know what’s wrong with penis people.

Thats it folks! You know the drill. Whatever you have to say goes in the comments section.

Until next time when I decide to gist you about all the individual penis people that have fucked with my heart and head, bye bye!


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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