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Late start, I know. But I’m joining in on OsasTheKing’s 15 day writing challenge. I hope y’all enjoy it. Ludo game
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”Double 6!” Dabira yelled in glee.

All that time inside his red ludo ’house’ had been running him mad since his ludo seeds couldn’t do the running. His yells before both dice showed the 6 dots he so desired were anything but glee. Everyone had at least 2 seeds out of their houses. There was even a green seed out of the board thanks to Uncle Supo’s finesse. You could also call it experience. That’s why Dabira was skeptical about playing with his Uncle in the first place but his brother and sister that held the blue and yellow houses respectively were unbothered about playing with their uncle. In a fit of arrogance, he agreed while making sure to let all of them know that he’d win no matter what; especially since he got his lucky red house. The other 3 players couldn’t be bothered about what colour their ludo houses were. As long as it was on the board, it was an even playing field. With all of these, you’d understand why he was losing it about losing it. He refused to be bested and saw his current roll as redemption.

He rolled one more time as the rules of the game required after getting both dice as 6. He brought two seeds out of the house and laid them on the playing field as the other numbers from the second roll allowed. It was Uncle Supo’s turn and his roll meant that he could send one of Dabira’s seeds back in.

”Please na!” He begged in a voice a bit too whiny for someone as cocky as he initially was. ”Dont send me home na. I just came out since morning. Play the other seed, please. Don’t send me home.”

”Well, technically, it’s not home if you don’t wanna go back.” His sister said. ”Home is where you’re happy to be. Where you wanna run to after a day on the playing field that life is. It might house you, but it’s not home.”

”What’s your own sev?!” Dabira half asked, half exclaimed. ”You sha want them to eat me. Enjoy! I’ll go back inside.” He kissed his teeth after he finished talking which left his brother and uncle laughing.


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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