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First Kiss

Day 3 of OsasTheKing’s Lockdown Writing Challenge.

Stargazing lovers
Photo Credit: 💋 With Love From Lou

”I didn’t even know that there were places to stargaze in school.” I pause, mesmerised by the twinkling blanket above me.

”There are a lot of places in this school that you don’t know.” He chuckles. ”But don’t worry, I’ll show all of it to you.”

”Any reason you know this much about the school’s nooks and crannies after one semester?” I raise an eyebrow.

”My dad works here.” He says with a small smile. ”I’ve been here a lot longer than one semester.”

”Touché.” I tilt my head to the side and nod.

I can’t believe I forgot that vital piece of information. I guess there’s just that part of me that wants it to be a whole new experience for him as it is for me.

The view of him from here is breathtaking. Then again, he always is. Make beauty a person and it’s him for me.

“Come on, we need to go.” He says, interrupting my absorption of him through my eyes.

The disappointment crosses my face, I feel it. And I’m sure seeing it is what leads to his next statement.

“I love it here as much as you do but Abefele will be here soon and I need to get you back to your hostel.” He stands while still speaking. “You might not realise it, but the moon being this bright and this high up means it’s already very late.”

I follow him to stand while fumbling in my bag for my phone. I find it and realise it’s 15 minutes to 11o’clock and my hostel closes by 11. He was right about how late it was and that was mind-blowing for me.

We begin the walk to my hostel and the only thing keeping us from attaining complete silence was the sound of the frogs croaking. There’s silence between us, but it’s comfortable. I like it. There’s what looks like a small smile on his face so I guess that means he likes it too.

”Well, this as far as you go.” I say as we get right under the street light.

It’s the safe point for boys if you want to avoid torches pointed at you like you’re a burglar caught in the middle of his job.

”I know.” He chuckles. ”I’ve done this a lot more times than you think.”

I feel a constriction in my heart from being reminded that once again, I’m not his first at any of this even if he is mine. I mask my pain with a small smile. He is so beautiful so my smile soon changes from being a mask to being genuine.

He leans in and my heart rate speeds up from the imagination of what he’s going to do next. He can’t. We’re right in front of my hostel with a bunch of other people around. He surely won’t do it in front of them even if he will risk the security workers.

I’m wrong. He is willing. Honestly, I’m happy he is because the burst in my stomach and chest when his lips meet mine is the best thing in the world. I kiss him back with everything in me before realising that people are most likely watching us so I pull back.

Couple kissing under streetlight
Photo Credit: Pinterest

I look around and curse my insecurites immediately I realise nobody’s watching. At least not from the looks of it.

”Goodnight.” He whispers and immediately turns and starts to walk away.

How can someone who just kissed me turn and leave me so quick and easy? I turn too and head up into my hostel. All I can think of on the short walk is how amazing it felt to have him so close. I hope to have more of it so I choose to call this a first. Our first kiss.


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7 thoughts on “First Kiss

  1. Nice one as always
    But there is this mild stitches I feel when I write and the whole scheme is in UI; that I’m limiting my audience
    But hey, this could be more of an outlet than an audience-centric piece right? Nothing spoil


    1. Every story has a setting. There’s no such thing as ’limiting your audience’ with the setting. Else,
      internationally recognised American writers (for example) wouldn’t have their characters in America. J. K. Rowling wouldn’t have made Harry come back to London. There are a billion other examples like that. Any other setting you use other than UI will still limit others that don’t know that place. As a matter of fact, using a place that you have first-hand experience in/with like your campus makes your writing more realistic to you, hence, realistic to your audience.


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