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Why Should We Hire You?

Day 5 of the 15 day lockdown writing challenge.

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Why shouldn’t you? I mentally roll my eyes because I’d be damned if I’m caught doing the real thing.

When will they realise it’s such a cliché question? Nearly every member of the labour force in this country has heard that before. Funny thing is, no one actually knows the exact answer. No matter how many times you’ve had to answer it before, you need to brush up or probably even get a new answer each time.

Back to the question right now, my brain fumbles in itself to find the best answer this time. I could have sworn it was in there.

There’s a lot of typical actual reasons but how do I know that’s what they want to hear? Perhaps the fact that I have a first-class degree from a university that’s equally as hard to get into as it is to survive will do the trick? But then, degrees can be bought. Maybe the fact that I’m only 21 and my resumé is already 6 pages? But then, who says there aren’t people with a lot more pages?

If we’re being fallacious, I could bring up the fact that I would rather not starve and this is a great way to ensure that. I mean, there are definitely better ways but even my own mother won’t let me spend the money I get by said ’ways. Let’s not even talk about the entire street and everyone else in the society in general. It’s not like it’s their business that someone sees the jewel I am and is willing to pay to keep me, as it is with all jewels.

Speaking of realising I’m a jewel, perhaps that’ll work here? My hands find my way to the sides of my skirt and I attempt to pull it up just a tad bit higher than it currently is. Should I just keep my legs apart for a little bit?

I’m stuck. Why can’t I do either? Or any other one of the things crossing the mind on how to be more ’obvious’. Oh, right. I’m worth more than that. This body can buy my way to assets and actual riches. I can – and most definitely do – appeal to much bigger. Why use it to get a schedule when it can get me spontaneity? Problem is, as I said, I won’t be able to stop the glares. It’s not like they don’t do what I do. They just can’t get it to pay as much and they’re bitter.


How long have I been in my head? I must have spaced out because they’re both looking at me weird.

”Once again, why should we hire you?”

I give them a fake smile that I hope they can’t see through while I ready myself to pour out everything I’d crammed earlier as an answer since I saw the question coming. I wonder why I couldn’t find it in my head earlier. They probably think I’m inattentive now.

Well, here goes nothing.


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

4 thoughts on “Why Should We Hire You?

  1. Last time I was asked this question.
    I told the panel that I can bet I’m the best of the candidates present at the interview and if they want a prove they should hire me.
    They laughed.
    I got the job.

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