Posted in Poetry


Day 6 of the 15-day writing challenge.

Let me see you.

My eyes will roam every inch.

I’ll appreciate the art, as I should

For you have attained beauty’s highest reach.

Let me hear you.

You and I, we can make music

But only so if you let me match your tune.

So would you let me know, my love, how you tick?

Let me taste you.

Tonight, be my plat du jour.

Then one more time; maybe two.

Your lips on mine is the most exquisite flavour.

Let me feel you

On every length there is.

My body goes on and on. A loop.

Take every hair and more to individual climaxes.

Let me inhale you.

Every atom of every molecule.

Let me take in every breath that is you.

Let’s burn and give a fragrance like Hickory wood.


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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