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Dancing With A Stranger

Day 7 of the 15-day lockdown writing challenge.

Photo Credit: Richemond

”I just told you I can barely feel my legs. What the fuck is wrong with you?” I ask as he pulls me up from the bed by both hands.

”You’re just exaggerating.” He chuckles and succeeds at getting me off the bed and on my feet.

My knees buckle under me and I fall into him. His bare skin is pressing against mine in all the right places and I can’t understand why I still feel something despite exploring every inch of his beautiful body just two minutes ago. It feels different this time, though. Yes, I just had him on and all over me. I had him in me, even. It felt overwhelming. It was consuming and that was amazing. But this, this is different. The good kind. It’s safe and it’s bliss. He’s bliss. With my face in his skin, I can inhale him. He smells like sweat. Like human, but the good kind, but there’s more to it. He smells as good as he feels. He smells…safe; like home. He smells like I’d been inhaling that scent all my life and I’d like to keep at it for a while longer. Forever, maybe?

”Exaggerating.” I scoff whem my brain and the other parts of my body are in touch with each other again. ”How’s that for proof that you might have moved my brain from its proper position with your pounding?” I refer to my near fall while looking up at him raising a brow.

He looks right back at me with a smirk.

I’m looking into his eyes and they’re glinting. They’re as sexy as they were when he was taking me but there’s also more to it. I don’t know exactly what is, but it’s different. More. It’s not mere lust this time.

“Just listen.” He says as he starts to move with me in his arms.

I do as he says and I realise music is playing softly from his phone. I remember that we were listening to music before getting caught up in the heat of the moment. Turns out it had been playing all this while.

Taking cognisance of the music makes me realise what he’s doing – or about to do. His hands find their way down to my waist. The feel of his hands on my bare skin is a paradox as it jolts yet calms me. He pushes me closer into his embrace as both our feet follow the sound of the music. My hardened nipples graze his bare chest with every move we make. I lay my head on him and take in the sight of his golden skin. He really is beautiful.

Photo Credit: Richemond

”You’re comfortable?” It sounds more like a statement than a question to me. Like he already knows because he is too.

I nod against his body.

”Well, don’t overdo it. For both our sakes.” He presses his chin on my forehead. ”You don’t really know me, remember? No one does. You all just see what I want you to see.” His hands roam my back.

Somewhere in my head, the rational part of me knows he’s right. Everyone in school might know him but nobody really actually knows him. Not even myself. Despite knowing this, every inch of my skin in contact with his tells me it’s not true. This moment, here, now, is too precious to be spent conflicted. So I let it go and just enjoy the fact that I’m spending the moment with him. I convince myself that it’s completely okay that I’m dancing with a stranger.


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