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Forest Fire

Day 14 of the 15 day writing challenge.

Forest fire
Photo Credit: Columbia Magazine – Columbia University




The small branch

Between dry leaves tucked

All is set burning before long.

So start small. Touch every nerve through every inch of skin.

I will let you let the fire rage through all that I am and all that I’ve ever been.

Happy New Month, Loves!

Welcome to May! How’s it been so far? Tell me in the comments section. This is me checking up on you.

For those of you worried that this challenge will be over tomorrow, I also wanted to let you know that I joined another challenge by Tell! Ng. It’s a 30 Day Challenge and I hope to meet every day as I did with this one. If I can do it, it means you get guaranteed content every day for 30 days straight! I’m so excited! Now, the thing is, I’ll be posting it on the Tell website and not here unless, of course, I think it’s good enough content. You can read without registration of any kind but I’d love it if you do register so you can leave comments and likes.

For me, pretty please?

I know you’ll do it because you love me!

Moving on then. This piece is a Fibonacci poem and my first ever attempt at one. What do you think? The comments section has been pretty dormant lately. Help revive it, please?🥺

Thank you, my loves! See y’all tomorrow.



Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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