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Inside Life – A Series

Marlian or not, I’m sure you’ll relate.

Cue ’Bored In The House Bored’ by Curtis Roach and Tyga.

Hello, peoples! Y’all didn’t think I forgot you here, did you?

Rabbit smiling
Na, fam. You my gee and I gatchu!

Really, though. I didn’t plan to be off for this long, honestly. This should have come sooner but would you believe me if I said I’ve been writing this post for three days? I wanted to tell y’all how surprised I am that I can be productive and that procrastination has nothing on me! This lockdown period has opened my eyes to a few things – mostly about myself – that I also wanted to let you in on.

Shy meme two fingers touching emoji
I’d also like to find out that I’m not alone in these things.

I know the lockdown’s been mostly relaxed – BAD idea, by the way – but I, being typically me, am still very much inside. This is basically a briefing on what life inside the house is like for me. Hence, the title, ’Inside Life’. Dear Marlians, I’m sorry to disappoint.

Monkey look away meme
Or am I?

As you probably also already deciphered from the title, I won’t just spill all the beans at once. Nope. Every once once I’ll pop up in your notifications like:

Come and see o meme
I have new gist on what happens inside.

It’s better that way. I’d say for you, but honestly, it’s more for me.

You want me to post everything at once and not have content anymore for the next few days? I laugh in ’you hate me’.

Enough pre-yarns sha. Let’s go into today’s talk, why don’t we?

Food Is A Coping Mechanism For Boredom

Eating and crying gif
Actual representation of me everyday for the past one month.

I. Can’t. Stop. Eating.

It’s not just ice cream or junk food. I’m binging on actual food. I just wanna stop being so hungry all the time but I can’t. I can’t!

If we text regularly, at some point in time, I must have replied to your ’How are you?’ text with ’Hungry.’ It’s not even a feeling or mood or anything anymore. It’s now a state of being for me.

The worst part of it all? There’s no visible proof of how much I’ve been eating. I look like bacon. Obviously meat but in the thinnest strips. My friend is convinced I’ll become a circle because of how often I say I’m hungry. If only he knew.

If I’m actually not being dramatic, I guess I could say that it might be showing. After all,

Waist beads that are too tight
Ileke Idi ti’n ri bayi die die.

I’ve removed them sha. Whenever I go back to suffering in school, I’ll be sure that there’d be space between the beads and my skin so I’ll put them back on.

Since there’s actually minute proof that my body is kinda like garri that has been soaked for a little while, then that’s not the actual worst part, shey?

Seasoning cooking food
Photo Credit: NBC News

This is the actual worst part.

I need scientists to look into the reason I can’t eat the food I prepare. It disgusts me. Everyone else is digging in and I just look at the food like it’s the distant cousin to faeces.

Hysterical in your face laugh gif
You thought I couldn’t cook, bro?

Really though, it’s weird. I hate my own food. It’s like I’m cursed to hate my own art. I hate my writing, my singing, now, my food.

Asides hating it when it’s ready, I also dread the process. In actuality, it’s a great way to pass the time but I’m lazy as fuck and thinking of how long I’ll spend in the kitchen always has me choosing hunger.

Extremely grateful gif
This is the part where I mention that everyone can cook.

They make my dreams of eating every hour a reality. I really couldn’t be more thankful.

I think this is about enough gist on how food is affecting my boredom. Before I go, however, I would like to pass on actual knowledge.

Kuchisabishii lonely mouth eating
It’s an actual Japanese word guys!

I just made you smarter. You’re welcome. There’s actually a similar English word. It’s called ’Peckish’. It doesn’t exactly translate into ’Kuchisabishii’ but it does mean being slightly hungry – especially when you shouldn’t be. For instance, if you just ate food meant for 3 people and you feel a need to eat again after an hour, you’re peckish.

Now that knowledge I have imparted, I don’t think it’s a bad thing if I departed.

Yes, I just closed with micro poetry!

Talk to me via the comments section if you can relate to anything up here in the slightest!


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10 thoughts on “Inside Life – A Series

  1. I can’t stop eating also😭 I’d say its the lockdown but between you and me,I think I’ve always had it in me to be a voracious eater,I just needed something to bring it out and I can so relate with being disgusted by the food I cook except that in my case,its justified.😕 I’m a horrible cook.😭. I’ll keep my sob story for another day but I must say Brownie that it’s always a delight reading your write ups. I am a huge fan!!❤❤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Brownie vocal!!!!
    Infact, I enjoy reading your write ups so much that I just keep asking for more. Don’t relent.

    That “kuchisabushii” actually spits out few things about me when it comes to food cause I eat voraciously and the worst part is I’m lazy when it comes to cooking but it’s okay sha

    I wouldn’t mind if I get a food delivery from you soon.😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

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