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Inside Life 2

Told you I’d be back!

Thought I lied? I’m really serious about not reverting to my old ways.


It’s really not my fault the post came today instead of yesterday.

So, yesterday, it totally occurred to me to write this post. Then, something happened. I got this headache (like I’d been getting everyday since I got sick) and I decided, why not sleep? So I did. I woke up and the stupid headache was still there. Long story short, mom gave me painkillers and I proceeded to sleeping – again. Before I knew it, the day was over.

Funny thing, the reason I missed posting this yesterday is exactly what this post is about.


Thought I was gonna say headaches? Because I thought I was gonna say headaches. But na! We’ll cover that – and everything related – in the next post.

baby sleeping gif
This is me as soon as I don’t have something to do – which happens to be most of the day.

Funny thing, that’s not me at night. My biological clock is fucked. I stay up most nights. Sometimes, I don’t go to bed till 5 AM.

No matter what time I go to bed, however, I never wake up earlier than 10 AM. Except, of course on Sundays because of service. I’ll tell you all about that in another post.

A shit thing about the sleeping is the fact that I mostly wake up lethargic. I kid you not when I tell you I sleep at least 12 out of the 24 hours a day. Granted, it’s not at a stretch, but how does that really matter? I really need some science-y person to tell me why the lethargy works like that.

Like my friend Tega once asked: ”Those of you that wake up well-rested, how does it feel to be god’s favourite?”

I really wanna know.

The combination of how much I’m eating and sleeping should really have me swelling at a geometric progression but mba! Fat loves to avoid me.

When it initially started, my mom thought I was pregnant.

She would look at me like this every single time I wake up.

It wasn’t until I saw my period that she let the thought slide. The period wasn’t even late. She was just antsy.

The shittiest part of this sleeping thing is how it fucks with time. You close your eyes for what feels like 2 seconds and 3 hours are gone. On other days, you wake up feeling like you spent the whole day sleeping and you realise you haven’t slept for an hour.

What is this life?

Before I go, I just need to know. Is it just me or do moms know exactly when I’m about to close my eyes? Because that’s always when she decides to summon me for an errand.

When I’m on the verge of sleep but can’t seem to get it…

This is the best representation because words can’t describe the levels of cranky that I attain.

Dear mom, please stop.

Of course, she might not read this any time soon. Just putting out there. Y’know, speaking it into existence.

Well, this is where I say peace out.


You guessed it – or probably not.

I want to sleep.

Tell me what you think in the comments section, and if this is you in any way. I’ll read it all when I wake up.


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