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Inside Life 6

So, it finally happened. What I wanna talk about this time influenced this post’s timing only minutely. Come on, I’ll show you what I mean.


I was just in a mood to creep you as well as myself out. Nothing personal.

I’m nailing this consistency thing sha, aren’t I? I mean, Part 6!

Eez remaining how I’m going to keep it up when life resumes because e don dey apun small small.

Somehow, the government had a meeting with the ’Rona and they came to a vote that it’s time for the virus to seek consent before entering anyone. I’m guessing they thought that would be the modus operandi of the virus when it first showed up, and that’s why they didn’t think of holding the forum in the first place (but then, I have no idea why they made us stay indoors for 3 months in the first place.)

We reached 15k+ confirmed cases, then they just thought ”No! This wasn’t how we expected the ’Rona to behave. Call for a meeting, now!”

Update: Adding the finishing touches to this post so I can publish and I see we’re already close to 17k. Haq!

Good ol’ Rona graced the audience and was kind enough to agree to stop taking people without asking them first.

Wonderful being! Don’t you think?

In about 2 weeks, we’re going back to a semblance of social life even if the confirmed cases have shown no decline whatsoever.

Pictorial representation of my brain realising that I actually live in this country.

While the obvious ’bad idea’ sirens are going on in my head, I do see a bright side – for myself mostly – of the lockdown going out of style. My favourite part of the adjustment is what today’s post focuses on.

I Miss My Friends

For someone who doesn’t have a lot of them, it took a while for me to actually really say it publicly. I mean, I whisper it to them once once in texts and all, but to be caught saying it out? Please.

I’m a thorough hard guy. Expecting PDA of any kind from me is disrespectful.

Ignore everything I said about being a softie in Part 4 and Part 5. I’m actually built of stone.

Anyhoo, I’m admitting here and now, that I miss my friends. I miss seeing them, hugging them, making plans and then someone slying. I miss getting food. I miss drinking Vitamilk nearly everyday and getting teased about it because they all hate Soy Milk.

All of them, that is, except Iretomide. The best human to ever happen to me.

Remember I said they influenced this post in a tiny way?

Well, my friends are so awesome that they actually read and enjoy my writing. Some of them were going on about when the next post would be, so I decided it couldn’t be late even if my lazy ass told me it wasn’t that bad if the post came late at night instead of right at midnight. I decided to fight laziness –

It was an intense battle.

– for them.

Now, I’ve given them – all of you, actually – the whole day and the rest of the internet’s lifetime to read this post.

I’m back on social media, but it’s mostly because of reasons I didn’t think through while I was leaving.

I guess a part of me would have come back because I missed the only form of contact I had with my friends, but the thing is I didn’t get to miss that so badly.

Some of my amazing friends downloaded the Telegram app just for me – sorta. Other amazing ones sent me texts and the likes. Most of them knew not to call because they know how much I hate calls.

Aren’t my lovelies wonderful?

Well, now that I’m back, I can say that just talking isn’t doing it for me anymore. I miss physical contact (Let it be known that I’m extremely touchy with people I love). I miss our habits. I miss late-night walks. I miss suya.

To sum it all up, I miss my friends.

They’re the only reason I’m glad this lockdown is going away. The sooner I can see them, the better for my sanity and mental health.

I know it can’t just be me.

Tell me about the stuff you used to do with your friends when staying indoors wasn’t superhero duty.

I’ll be waiting in the comments section.

Besides that, until next time. See ya!


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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