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Inside Life 7

So close. I was so close. Sigh. But yay too.


I was this close – if not closer – to just slying myself and you people with this post.

I’ll go into it later. Before then, however, I really want to know.

How are you?

Beyond the generic basic honest answer, how are you?

I could beg you to answer in the comments section, but you guys never put the regular shit down as comments. I don’t expect you to comment the deep stuff on how you’re doing.

Anyway, I just want you to know that I genuinely care. Your answer doesn’t have to be generic to everyone. That special person that gets the profound answer doesn’t have to be, but believe me when I say it has to be someone.

It’s hard, I know. It’s one of the contributing factors to what I’m talking about today, so come on. Let’s head into it.

Consistency Is Hard

First off, I wanna start by bragging.

Omo, I fine die!

This lockdown has been a blessing because I haven’t been under the sun for more than 30 minutes at a stretch. Also, having so much time doing majorly nothing equals to time I can spend paying attention to myself.

It’s not exactly a ’skincare routine’ but it’s at least more than I ever used to do. Washing my face 3 times daily and using this face cleanser morning and night has finally given me skin on my face that’s really worthy of me.

It was doable for the first few weeks. Exciting, even. Sadly, just like the heading above says, Consistency is hard work.

I barely wash my face twice a day anymore. As a matter of fact, it’s only twice on the days I remember I want to use the cleanser at night.

Me hoping that I’ve treated my skin good enough for long enough that it’ll keep looking nice even though I’m slacking on the skincare.

Now, unto the serious stuff.

Remember I said at the beginning that I was gonna sly?

Well, that’s also the reason. I have a big problem with commitment. I’m not sure if it’s a ’me’ problem or happens to everyone. All I know is if it doesn’t become an effortless habit in no time, I’m ditching it sooner than I know.

Why am I like this?

See ehn, I’ll even ditch enjoyment shit like binging movies. It hurts my eyes once and I’m making excuses for why I haven’t seen a movie in a week. Even reading that got me so excited at first has become something that I keep up with simply because I’m such a logophile. It’s also kind of the reason I’m keeping up with posting here.

You thought I was going to say ’because of y’all that are reading’?

I told you people already in the last post that I’m a hard guy. In fact, I think I mentioned something about consistency too? I’m really loving how all these posts can all refer to each other in even the most minute ways.

Yes. Yes. I know I’m fucking brilliant.

Seriously though.

Starting is always easy. Exciting, even. You know? The rush and all? Keeping up, however?


You have to keep on keeping on though. For yourself, mostly, before anyone else. Especially if that thing is good for you.

Just smile and wave, sweetie. Smile and wave.

So, to everyone who’s been going tough so that they can keep up with the tough going, I see you, and I am so proud.

Thank you, baby, for fighting. For being a light to us all. For being a light to yourself.

I’m concluding now because, honestly, I’ve reached the point where I’m proud that I started a part 7 to the series at all.

Consistency is hard work. Whether I’m trying to keep up with posting weekly or just trying to keep using my skin cleanser everyday. It’s so hard.

A lot of other things are hard too. Keeping up with people that matter, keeping up with that resolution. What makes all the difference, though, is that you keep going. Even if it is slow and steady.


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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