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Alibaba’s Write Off Challenge

’No one ever achieved anything great by sitting on the sidelines.’ Can’t remember where I first heard that but it’s doing a great job at pushing me.

Typical me will try it out despite the anxiety trying to eat me up. So, fingers crossed. Wish me luck.

Here’s my entry for Alibaba’s write off challenge.


”I live to please,” I tell them. That’s the simple answer to everyone who wishes to know what my preference is when it comes to synergy. It’s about the other party before it’s ever about me. Ever, that is, until now.

’Now’ is the time I put pen on paper and precariously tread the thin line of sanity. It’s when my imaginary friends come to life and they tell me what they’ve learnt from watching me exist in the world that they don’t. I write to tell their story, and the story that they tell is the one that I live. I write to tell the story that is me in the hopes that you see the me that I usually can’t show. It isn’t my ability then, is it? I’m simply a medium for the voices in my head and the beings that are me. Then maybe, once again, in the activity involving encoder and decoder, writer and reader, I live to please.

Cool, yeah? I hope.

I made the draft for the post and 3 days later, I decided Que Sera Sera, which, if you read one of my old posts, you’d know is usually not me. Lol.

Read that post, sha. I gave people superpowers with it.

So yeah, though. I’ve decided it’ll go up, and I’ll compete.

Wish me luck.

It would mean a lot of you actually liked the post on my Instagram. Thank you 💜


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

10 thoughts on “Alibaba’s Write Off Challenge

  1. A day is coming when you will be really celebrated as a superb and great writer in diversified areas because your write ups speaks faster and louder which really touch lives beyond your imagination….
    Don’t relent dear

    Liked by 1 person

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