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Inside Life 9

I just want to put it out there that I tried. Now that I’ve realised that it’s okay that I failed, I can stop trying. Come on, I’ll explain.



Look at that pengness imbibed in the forehead of one person!


Who dat? Dass me!

So yes, that picture – which I made into a sticker – is my new representative. You’ll be speaking to them before getting to me from now on.

Now that introductions are out of the way…

I’m great! Thank you for asking.

Think about it. Have any of you ever asked me?

This time, however, I’m caring about me.

I’m really in the selfish phase – I’m honestly not even sure if it’s a phase. Whatever it is, all I know is that I’m hell-bent on looking out for myself these few days.

As a result, today’s heading is:

Social Media ’Aesthetics’ Is Not For Me


And the award for most useful word of 2020 goes to the word above.


More than half of Nigeria in 2020.

’Omo.’ Such a useful word. No matter the expression, it has your back. At least, that’s the way it’s been for me.

As I once said in a tweet that I’m too lazy to look for, ’omo’ is the Yoruba equivalent of ’fuck’. Useful for every expression.

Now that I’m done eulogising a word, let’s go back to that heading.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I lamely tried my hand out the whole idea of ’page aesthetics’. If you don’t know, it means you don’t follow me. If you don’t follow me,


I forgive you though as long as you go follow me now.

Now that the publicity’s done, you’ve seen what I mean by my lame try at page aesthetics.

Basically, I was trying to draw inspiration from amazing pages like Adura’s here. The page is so organised that the finicky me is near climax.

Funny thing is, Adura’s page isn’t the actual page that made me want my page organised or ’aesthetic’ in the first place. In fact, I just found his page a few weeks ago. I just put his as an example because it’s kind of my favourite at the moment.

So yeah. I tried my hand out at it, but I realised it was like putting myself in a box. It was limiting. I’m a spontaneous storyteller. I get a kick out of pouring my heart out as e dey hot.

As a matter of fact, I’m so into it that I get the idea for most of my posts and just write down the idea and outline what I’d like to talk about. I never really write over a long period of time. I either just put outlines and finish right before the post is supposed to go up,

Like this post, which, by the time stated at the top of the screenshot, I’ll be finishing around 11 and posting by 12.

Or start and not leave until I finish. Like I did with Inside Life 5. In times like those, I just schedule the post to go up when it’s meant to.

I guess it’s easy to see why I find it hard to blog when I’m in school. I never really have more than 10 minutes to myself without some kind of interruption.

Why do I keep deviating from talking about social media?

Oh right. Stupid spontaneity.

Imma try to keep it on a low now.

Social media, for me, is just another space for storytelling, and, if I’m going to be typical me, I can’t be boxed up. Knowing I always have to follow the perfect timing according to the algorithm or follow a pattern or colour scheme is just pain.

What if I’m in a purple mood on a pink day?

I kid you not. That has actually happened.

So, yeah.

As I said earlier, I’m at this point where I’m mostly putting myself first. As a result, I gave up.

Fuck page aesthetics and the algorithm. I mean, that makes finicky me sad and ’cum deprived’, but it makes the majority of me happy. It’s what suits my soul better.

A part of me wants to address the fact that ’Social Media Aesthetics’ could have also meant looking as nice as everyone and taking pictures that are just as flawless.

The thing is, I kind of moved on from that a while ago. I kind of even fell in love with how I look in my candid selfies and short night time videos.

Of course, kind of like I said 2 posts ago, I still have those moments when I doubt myself, but, most of the time lately, I am one hot piece of cake – if I do day so myself.

So, no. I’m not dealing with feeling bad about not looking like the Instagram models. The fact that a lot of my friends are photographers and/or editors has even shown me that everyone’s beautiful as long as they get your good side and the editor is great at their job.

I’m beautiful. So are you, sweetie.

It’s not bad to end here, right?

Because I really want to…

However, I do want to know…

Does keeping up with social media looks ever stress you out?

Do you deal with it? Or do I have a partner in running?

When have you ever felt boxed up in general?

Replies in the comments section, please.💜

Until next time, sweeties.


Teen with the soul of a child and musings of an adult💖

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