About Brownie – The Deep Stuff

Teen with the soul of a child and the musings of an adult.

So I did this irritating thing called growing up and now, I’m unable to use that line, and now, I’m stuck with just being the soul of a child and I’m not sure I have musings of an adult anymore. Point is, I hate it in this place called Adulthood.

I’m still that beautiful girl who’s stuck in limbo. I’m a child, yet an adult, yet my age. So, as long as you explain properly, I’m most likely going to understand. I think life is all about perspective. Like a friend said, Objectivity is a Myth. I believe a lot in that so I never judge(everything you see on my Twitter is bants😐 I’m a very understanding person).

I’m an Economics student of the University of Ibadan – for now. Why, then am I writing? Well, I’ve faced enough to know I want to heal this injured world. The only way I know how to do that is writing and that’s just what I plan to do here.

I started this blog a while ago actually but for reasons known to myself(which honestly was laziness), I gave up on it. Now that I’ve rejuvenated it, I didn’t take away all my previous posts from that time. You can find them here and consequently others in the same field would be listed under there as well.

Now that I’ve shed that lazy part of me off, I’m not only a blogger but an actual fiction writer. Yes, I have a work in progress that I hope to get out into the world before the end of the year, 2020. I also have one published book on Wattpad and for those that prefer to have it downloaded on their phones, the book is also on OkadaBooks . It’s titled Diary of the School Misfit. I wrote that book when I was still in high school so excuse the sappiness and clichéness of it. I promise the one I’m currently working on is way better and would definitely have your head rolling – I think.

Since the book is still in the works, let’s focus on something that’s here and that’s this blog. Some of the things I post in here, I promise will be based on requests from you aside, of course, my poems, my works of prose and of course, my musings.

Oh, and P.S, I don’t like to toot my own horn or anything but since this page is dedicated to telling more about me, I think you should know that I’m the Editor-in-Chief of ANSA(visit ANSA Nigeria to find out about me and my influence there and to see some of my works). I’m also a Hubspot certified content marketer/creator. Phew! That wasn’t an easy achievement. I also think it’s best you all know that I’m slightly insane – but trust me it’s the good kind and I go normal from time to time.

Why Brownie_vocal as my pseudonym? Find out here.

I hope you all will enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing for you and I want to remind you that this blog runs based on your interactions so, like, comment, share and you can even reach out to me via social media or just click this.

You can also reach out to me to talk business such as social media management, content writing, ghost writing and fiction writing.