Here lies all of my points of view concerning matters that you all bring to my notice. It would be appreciated if you all remember that these are my points of view. Wrong or right doesn’t matter. They are how and what I think about those matters.


I’m very much open to your opinions as well. Enjoy. Love, Brownie_Vocal.

Inside Life 10

10, y’all! Whoop whoop for consistency! That said let’s talk about one of my features that’s been off the roof lately, shall we?



Inside Life 9

I just want to put it out there that I tried. Now that I’ve realised that it’s okay that I failed, I can stop trying. Come on, I’ll explain.

Alibaba’s Write Off Challenge

’No one ever achieved anything great by sitting on the sidelines.’ Can’t remember where I first heard that but it’s doing a great job at pushing me.


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