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Physical or mental?


A face or a heart?


Reality or perception?

There’s so many things wrong with how people perceive beauty lately. People fail to realise that beauty really has little to do with the pretty and/or attractive face we see on the outside. I see pictures that say an ugly heart with a pretty face still makes up an ugly person. As correct as this is, it’s still way more than that. People also need to realise the fact that as much as it is inevitable for the world to pass on their judgements and their own perceptions, the definition of your beauty lies in your hands. People have a say, people will decide, but you’re never really anything until you agree you are. You have to realise, accept and confess your own beauty by your own self.


I’ve seen people who are beyond gorgeous doubt themselves. They find it hard to believe that they can be noticed let alone approached or complimented meanwhile there are some people who are so self absorbed and vain but aren’t as perfect as they believe. It’s all in your mind. The mind is really a powerful worker in people. Imagine a world were everyone knew and admitted that they are God’s image and hence the most beautiful things ever. That would be a world with so much positivity.

Another problem with how people see beauty, is flaws. Many people (myself included) prefer to look at things from the angle of our flaws; although I have found comfort in that.

Beauty is a state of mind

There’s no problem with knowing and acknowledging your flaws as long as you make it your biggest strength. All your flaws are what makes you unique and what makes you beautiful. It’s the reason you’re you.

Beauty isn’t good looks alone. Beauty is whatever makes you attractive to people. It doesn’t even have to be physical. Afterall, sapiosexuals(such as myself) are rather attracted to the mind than a person’s physical appearance. Hence, another way of working on your attractiveness is realising what exactly it is that makes you appealing.

Work rather on your beauty state of mind and trust me, you’ll become beautiful inside and out. It worked wonders for me. There’s something about positive thinking that is so powerful.

Only when you believe will you realise,

You’re imperfection perfected.